Creative Messaging Powered By Data

Remove creative limitations and improve relevancy in 3 steps.

1. Connect Your Data

We convert your copy, promotions, and audiences into a high-powered customized message feed.

2. Make Your Creative Scale

We build data driven creative based on your designs that is personalized to your audiences.

3. Make it smart

Use message performance insights to refine your creative strategy and improve performance.

Advanse CS is a Complete Creative System

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all creative, long production lead times, and performance blind spots.

Creative Studio

Limitless Creative also needs to be simple. Creative Studio makes it easy to build custom data driven creative without any programming.

Key Features and Capabilities

Full Creative Control

Templates without restrictions. Stay on brand with creative based on your designs.

Smart Templates

Apply creative level decisioning rules directly into your templates.

My Library’s

Prebuilt and customized template libraries that give you a head start.

Feed Manager

Connect customized feeds to manage products, promotions, and content.

Dynamic Styling

Change layouts and positioning of elements to reduce versioning time.

Content Trigger

Change content and creative elements based on data triggers.

Personalization Engine

Enable your data and use what you know. Personalization engine gives you the power to match highly relevant messaging to all your audiences.

Key Features and Capabilities

Creative Message Maps

Map creative targeting strategies to each tactic in your media plan.

KPI Target Optimization

Set optimization targets specific to your KPI goals.

Recommendation Engine

Recommend relevant products based on interests and behaviors.

Consumer Context

Changes offers and promotions based on time, day, geo, and weather.

DMP Integration

Leverage your audiences and other first-party data investments.

Custom Rules Engine

Change messaging to specific audiences based on your creative decisioning rules.

Unified Insights

Identify best performing messages for each audience. Link creative and media data for a unified view of which messages drive the best results.

Key Features and Capabilities

Creative Link

Connect your creative performance details to your media performance data.

Reporting Automation

Schedule customized reports to be automatically delivered.

Test Engine

Test & learn by comparing creative variant performance.

Custom Dashboards

Identify performance trends with data visualization tools.

Data Enrichment

Add metadata to your messaging to analyze performance by your unique parameters.

Raw Log Files

Get impression level variant details delivered to your BI tools.

Workflow Engine

Streamline your process with Workflow Engine. Automate tasks and processes to bring extreme efficiency and flexibility to your digital advertising.

Key Features and Capabilities

Alerts & Notifications

Stay in control with campaign and performance notifications.

Version Audit Tracking

All creative versions are tracked. Instantly restore active creative to any previous version.

One-time Trafficking

Streamline trafficking and get campaign flexibility with dynamic creative tags.

Previews & Approvals

Streamline the approval process with full creative previews

Quality Assurance

Creative is reviewed for brand standard compliance and data feed quality.

Task Automation

Build creative and deploy campaigns with unprecedented speed.

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